11-26-11 Corner Module 2 Scenery

I worked on the scenery on the module that sits between the brewery complex module and the original NTRAK module.

I started by scraping the original scenery off the edge of the NTRAK module. I am going to remove the steep slope. I removed the trees along the creek. I will replant these in the future. I scraped some of the excess scenery from this area too.

Next, I added a fascia made out of cardboard along the front of the module.

I carved pieces of scrap Styrofoam to form hills. I glued them to the module.

I carved more Styrofoam to glue on the NTRAK module to fill in the gaps along the hills.

This time I used wax paper to protect the module joints. I had trouble removing the plastic warp the last time I created joints. I applied Sculptamold to the hill area on the NTRAK module right up to the wax paper. I also filled in holes where the trees used to be planted.

I applied Sculptamold to the module surface. I am leaving the rear of the module untouched. I will finish this when I decide what industry I will build there.

I filled in the edge of the NTRAK module with Sculptamold to blend it in with the corner module.

After the Sculptamold dried, I removed the wax paper separators. The wax paper was easier to remove. I used a file to blend the module joints.

I painted the surfaces with the earth undercoat.

Next, I glued down missing ties. I then ballasted the track. I will ballast the rear track at a later date.

I glued down ground turf to the module just like I did on the brewery complex.

I added bushes along the sidewalk. Next, I will work on rehabbing the rest of the NTRAK module.

• 11-26-11 Corner Module 2 Scenery