09-03-11 Ballast

I worked on ballasting the track running through the brewery complex.

First, I had to fill in missing ties where I joined track sections together. I used ties that I had originally removed when I laid the track down. I filed groves in the ties to allow enough room for the rails and joiners to fit. I glued the ties down.

Next, I added ballast to short sections of rail. I used alcohol to wet the ballast. I followed up with Scenic Cement to glue the ballast in place. I had to be careful around turnouts. I did not want to glue the switch mechanism in place. After the ballast dried, I used a pick to clean excess ballast off the rails and the tops of ties. Sometimes I had to touch of some areas with more ballast.

I continued to add ballast. I used toothpicks to mark the new areas of ballast, so I new where to focus the clean up at later.

I added ballast to the section of rail that enters the left tunnel. I only ballasted what would be visible through the tunnel entrance. After that dried, I carved ballast away from the sides of the roadbed so the track opening on the ridge would fit around it.

Next, I will start working on adding scenery to the complex.

• 09-03-11 Ballast