07-16-11 Ground Prep

I worked on preparing the ground around the brewery complex for Sculptamold

First, I had to build a surface next to the brew house that horizontal tanks will rest on. I examined the tank kits to find out their approximate sizes. I cut out cardboard large enough to hold the tanks. I also added a rear retaining wall.

I painted the cardboard surfaces white, then gray, and finally concrete.

Next, I started building up all the deep areas. I cut out pieces of corrugated cardboard. I glued them down in layers to fill in the deep areas. This will keep the layer of Sculptamold from needing to be thick.

I glued down the rear pedestrian stair tunnel portal. I layered cardboard pieces around the portal.t

I continued layering cardboard along the front areas of the complex. I glued down the front pedestrian portal and built up the area around it.

Before I glued down the portal, I did add handrails to the walls. I used floral wire to make the rails. I straightened the wire using flat pliers. I bent each end of the wire to match the angle of the portal. I glued a rail on each side. I did not add handrails to the rear portal since they would not be visible.

Next, I will work on applying Sculptamold around the complex

• 07-16-11 Ground Prep