01-08-11 Foundations and Roads Part 8

I completed the work on the sidewalks, roads, and foundations.

I started at the brewery warehouse lot. I masked of where I wanted to add lane dividing lines.

I painted the lines white. I removed the tape and added some touchups. Next, I masked off lanes for the dock and painted them white.

Next, I rubbed a piece of paper towel across a black pastel chalk. I then rubbed the paper towel on the road surface to weather it. I added smears along the traffic paths. Next, I carved seams into the road and sidewalk with a pick. I discovered I needed to carve the seams before I weathered the roads. The weathering helps to show the seams.

I carved seams into the sidewalk leading to the pedestrian tunnel. I lightly weathered the sidewalk. I also added seams to the sidewalk, road, and the area along the rail at the mill. I weathered the road.

Next, I added a dividing line to the road leading to the back of the brewery complex. I masked off the line. I first painted a white coating so the line would appear brighter. Then, I painted it orange. I removed the taped and touched it up.

I added a couple white lines near the crossing.

Using the same process, I added white lane dividing lines to the area around the bottling plant. I also added a yellow safety line along the dock. First, I painted the unmasked dock edge white. I then pained it yellow.

I added lane dividing lines, dock safety lines, and a cross walk to the area between the brew house and the cellar.

I carved seams into the sidewalks, docks, and roads along the back of the brewery complex. I then weathered the concrete surfaces.

My next project will probably be the mountain ridge behind the brewery complex. I could not build it until I knew how far back the complex was going to sit.

• 01-08-11 Foundations and Roads Part 8