07-03-11 Blending In

I blended the removable ridge into the layout.

First, I move the ridge out of the way. I taped pieces of plastic wrap along where the seam will be located.

I placed the ridge back in its location. I laid the plastic wrap over the road to begin with.

I filled in that area between the road and ridge with a flat layer of Sculptamold level with the road.

Next, I added more Sculptamold to blend the flat surface to the ridge.

I then flipped the plastic warp over and filled in the areas in front of the tunnel portals with Sculptamold. I did not add Sculptamold behind the rear track. I will not know what the elevation will be until I decided what industry will sit back there.

After the previously added Sculptamold had dried, I flipped the plastic wrap back over. I added Sculptamold on the opposite side of the wrap.

After that had dried, I removed the plastic wrap. I blended the surfaces with a file. Unfortunately, I discovered the gap between the ridge and road was too large after it had dried. I used a file to lower the ridge level to below the road surface. I taped plastic wrap along the seam, and added more Sculptamold. After that dried, I cleaned up the area with a file. I also had to repaint some areas on the tunnel portals after I got some Sculptamold on them.

Next, I will start preparing the areas in front of the ridge for adding Sculptamold to.

• 07-03-11 Blending In