08-06-11 Ground Work

I filled in the rest of the areas around the brewery complex with Sculptamold.

I started filling in the area next to the brew house. I tried to keep the Sculptamold surface level just below the concrete level. This should make it easier to keep the ground foam from getting on the concrete surfaces.

I continued adding Sculptamold along the rear of the complex. I had to work with small batches, because it was taking longer to apply the Sculptamold. When the Sculptamold started to get to dry, I would fill in areas around the track where it was less critical on getting clean edges.

I carefully filled in the area around the rear pedestrian stair portal. I filled in the rest of the rear of the complex. I will add Scupltamold to the connecting module at a later date.

I continued adding Sculptamold to the front of the complex.

I finished filling in the front areas.

I had to clean some Sculptamold spots off track, concrete surfaces, and stair portals. I also had to paint touch ups on the concrete surfaces and stair portals.

Next, I will paint the ground surfaces around the complex with the undercoat.

• 08-06-11 Ground Work