08-21-11 Ground Undercoat

I painted the ground surfaces with an earth colored undercoat. This will show through any areas not covered with ground foam.

I started by painting around the tunnel portals and the nearby roads with a small paintbrush.

I painted in the larger areas with a larger brush.

I propped up the mountain ridge to paint along the bottom portion that sits along the road.

I continued painting the rest of the ridge.

I moved on to the back half of the brewery complex. First, I used a small paintbrush to outline the concrete surfaces. I then filled in the middle with a larger brush.

I continued painting the front half of the complex.

After the paint dried, I temporarily placed the buildings in their places to get an idea what the complex will look like. Next, I am going to ballast the track.

• 08-21-11 Ground Undercoat