04-23-11 Ridge Lattice

I laid down a cardboard lattice on the ridge surface.

I cut long strips out of scrap cardboard. I did not worry if the strips were cut straight or were the same width. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I cut and hot glued horizontal strips to the vertical cardboard pieces following the curve of the ridge. I glued the strips closer together this time. The plaster cloth sagged too much on the last ridge I worked on. I had to use a lot of Sculptamold to level it out.

I continued gluing horizontal strips the rest of the way up the ridge.

Next, I hot glued vertical cardboard strips to the horizontal strips forming a lattice. I kept the spacing between the vertical strips narrow. Occasionally, I had to add shorter strips to fill in large gaps that occurred around bends. Once, the vertical strips were added, I glued short strips following the perimeter of the ridge. This will provide a place for the plaster cloth to rest on.

Next, I will apply the plaster cloth to the ridge.

• 04-23-11 Ridge Lattice