09-24-11 Ridge Ground Cover

I added various ground coverings to the mountain ridge that sits behind the brewery complex.

First, I set the ridge on my table to make it easier work on. I added a green blended turf at the tunnel portals. I added brown turf along the front edge of the ridge lip that will run along the road. Behind this, I added burnt grass and green blended turf. I glued all of this down with Scenic Cement.

Next, I added patches of brown and burnt grass turf to the top of the ridge. I will place tress is this area at a later date.

I rigged up a tilting table again, like I used on the previous ridge. I oriented the table so my work area was roughly horizontal to the floor. I glued down burnt grass turf along the bottom of the ridge.

Next, I added burnt grass colored clump foliage to the ridge. I broke up the clumps into smaller pieces and placed them on the ridge. I glued them down.

I continued adding the clump foliage along the area I could work in. If I added foliage to an area that was not level enough, it would just roll off. I would have to let the glue dry overnight before I could move the ridge again.

I relocated the ridge and continued adding clump foliage.

I moved the ridge to another orientation. I added burnt grass green turf along the bottom of the ridge and tunnel portal. I added more clump foliage.

This shows another ridge relocation and more clump foliage added.

I noticed that the right tunnel portal area was also level enough in the current position, so I worked on it to. I added burnt grass turf along the bottom and around the tunnel portal. I added more burnt grass colored clump foliage to this area. I was not able to take pictures of the work because of its location. This picture shows the finished work after I was able to move it.

I moved it again, and added more clump foliage.

While working on it, I noticed that I had three different colors of burnt grass clump foliage on the ridge. There were very noticeable lines between the different colored sections. I randomly removed pieces of foliage of color 1 along the separating line and set them aside. I then transplanted the color 2 foliage to the color 1 spots I just opened up and glued them down. I then took the color 1 foliage pieces I set aside and glued them in the color 2 spots. This blurred the lines between the different colored sections.

Next, I will work on the scenery around the brewery buildings.

• 09-24-11 Ridge Ground Cover