04-09-11 Ridge Framing Continued

I continued installing the vertical supports on the mountain ridge located behind the brewery complex.

I started work in the same corner as last time. I cut cardboard pieces to fit between the angled wall and back wall. I cut out the ridge shape and holes big enough to fit around the track. I hot glued them in place. I added a few vertical pieces between these walls to add more support.

I continued adding vertical pieces of cardboard along the length of the ridge.

When I reached the tunnel, I cut the cardboard pieces so they would touch the top and sides of the tunnel. I hot glued the vertical pieces to the tunnel, back wall and floor. I attached more cardboard between these pieces to add support.

I cut out and attached cardboard pieces to either side of the tunnel portal that I will later use to attach abutments to. I added more pieces around the portal that will later be used to attach lattice pieces to and provide support for plaster cloth.

Next, I will add cardboard strips along the ridge to create a surface to lay the plaster cloth on.

• 04-09-11 Ridge Framing Continued