11-05-11 More Tanks

I added some more tanks to the brew house.

I had some bead containers I could use to create some vertical tanks. I found some round disks in my junk box that could be used to top off the tanks.

I removed the lids off the bead containers. I glued the disks to the bottoms of the containers. I drilled holes in the center of the disks. I will runs pipes into the holes later.

I painted the containers silver. I then glued them together.

I constructed a framework out of styrene that will sit on top of the tanks and support the pipes.

I bent bus wire to form pipes running from the back of the framework to each tank. I glued the piping to the framework.

I painted the pipes and framework gray and then placed framework on top of the tanks. I set the tanks next to the brew house.

I still had some tanks leftover from the two Walther’s storage tanks packs. I decided to use four of them to create horizontal tanks that would be filled from tank cars.

I constructed the tanks.

I attached the tanks together to form one unit. I painted the unit gray. I then painted the base structure concrete. I drilled holes for piping.

I sketched out the piping layout on paper. I added a styrene framework to support the pipes.

I found an odd shaped cap in my junk box that I could use for a cabinet. I scribed in door edges and handles. I drilled holes for pipes in the rear. I painted the cabinet light gray. I painted its roof dark gray. I bent bus wire to form pipes running from the cabinet to the tanks. I was going to run pipes out of the rear of the tanks, but decided not to. The rear pipes would not be that visible from the front.

I painted pipes and framework gray. I placed the unit next to the brew house where tank cars are spotted. I will need to add a couple lengths of hose.

Next, I will start to work on scenery on the corner module between the brewery complex and original NTRAK module.

• 11-05-11 More Tanks