10-15-11 Brewery Scenery

I added scenery around the brewery complex.

I laid down brown turf along the edges of the roads and ballast. I then applied blended green turf to the rest of the areas. I glued the turf down with Scenic Cement.

I continued adding turf. I left the area along the rear track uncovered. I will finish it when I add the industry along the rear.

I added a dirt path between the pedestrian tunnel and the mill. I filled in the rest of the area with blended green turf. I left the module edge unfinished. I will add turf after I am close to finishing the adjoining module.

I finished filling in the remaining areas.

I added some hedges using lighter green foam around the complex. I added bushes made out of a different shade of green foam along the roads and sidewalks.

I continued adding hedges and bushes to the front of the complex.

This portion of the layout is mostly complete. I still need to add more details. I have some ideas for more tanks for brew house. I still need to connect the buildings with piping. I need to add an enclosed conveyer between the bottling plant and warehouse.

• 10-15-11 Brewery Scenery