06-12-11 Ridge Smoothing

I worked on smoothing the ridge surface.

First, I had to build the tunnel retaining walls. I cut triangular shapes out of sheet styrene. I glued strips to the surface to add detail. I painted the retaining walls to look like concrete. I glued them on either side of the tunnel portals. I ended up having to push them out from the cardboard walls a little to create a gentler slope above them.

I applied Sculptamold to the ridge surface. I was able to use a thinner layer this time since I used a tighter lattice. I did not apply Sculptamold along the bottom edge of the ridge. I will fill this in when I blend the ridge into the layout.

I decided to use the road that runs along the back of the brewery complex as one edge of the seam. I added strips of cardboard to the base of the ridge to raise the surface to just below the road level. This will keep the Sculptamold layer form getting too thick.

I built up the area near the road with cardboard. The seam will diverge from the road edge in this area and run along the front of the tunnel entrance.

Next, I will add Sculptamold to blend the ridge surface to the layout.

• 06-12-11 Ridge Smoothing