02-26-11 Going Vertical Again

I started to work on the second mountain ridge on the layout. The ridge runs along the back of the brewery complex. It will help conceal the track end loop. I am designing it to be removable like the first mountain ridge.

I first clamped on pieces of plywood to support vertical parts of the ridge.

I cut out three pieces of cardboard for the base of the ridge and spliced them together. I cut seven holes into the cardboard base. I glued wood pegs to the module where the holes were located. This will align the ridge to the same position.

I laid out pieces of cardboard along the back of the ridge. While doing this, I discovered that the vertical supports did not line up properly. I ended up having to readjust most of them. I clamped the tops of the cardboard to the supports. I sketched the mountain contour on the cardboard.

I cut out the contour and clamped the pieces back in place. I spliced the three pieces together.

I repeated this on the adjoining side.

I cut another base piece to sit along the front of the track. I cut out two alignment holes. I then hot glued the base piece to the vertical section. I had to be careful to prevent the hot glue from reaching the module surface. I glued two wood pegs through the alignment holes to the module.

I attached another base piece to the opposite side of the ridge. There was not enough room to add an alignment peg.

I hot glued the two vertical sides together at the corner. I then glued a base piece in the corner for added support.

Next, I worked on the tunnel portals. I decided to add them earlier in the process in order to have more freedom to align them. First, I painted and weathered them. I then tested their height by running different high cars through them. I glued pieces of cardboard to the bottom of the portals to raise them. Next, I adjusted their side to side alignment by running long cars through them. I glued them to the base pieces once I was satisfied.

I hot glued tunnel walls to the base pieces and portals. I made the walls just long enough to cover what could be seen through the portal opening.

I painted the tunnel walls and floor a dark gray color.

I cut out cardboard pieces for the tunnel ceilings. I painted the bottoms with same dark gray color. I hot glued them in place.

Next, I will start framing the mountain ridge.

• 02-26-11 Going Vertical Again