12-24-10 Foundations and Roads Part 7

I painted all the concrete surfaces in the brewery complex.

I masked off areas that I did not want to get paint on. I painting the sidewalks, roads, and foundations white.

When I originally glued down the cardboard to form the roads and foundations, I also sanded the top surfaces. This did not leave a completely smooth surface. After I painted a surface white, I came back and sanded the rough areas. I painted another coat of white on top.

When that dried, I painted the concrete surfaces a light gray wash.

After that dried, I painted the surfaces with a concrete colored wash. I painted the pedestrian walkway tunnel portals with a couple layers of white.

I painted the tunnel portal surfaces except the floor the same tan color I used on the buildings. I painted the floors a gray wash followed by a concrete wash. I may add handrails later.

Next, I need to add road markings, seams, and weathering.

• 12-24-10 Foundations and Roads Part 7