06-27-10 Corner Module Scenery

I worked on the scenery on the corner module that sits between the original NTRAK module and the end loop module containing the mountain ridge and engine house.

First I had to add missing ties to the track. When I originally laid the track, I had to cut ties away to join the track sections and turnouts together. When I worked on the end loop module, I waited to add the missing ties after the scenery was applied. This time I decided to add them first to make it easier. I cut individual ties from scrap tie sections I removed when I originally laid track. I filed gaps in the ties to allow room for the rails to fit in. I pushed the ties underneath the rails and glued them in place.

The joint between the NTRAK module and the corner module required some work. First, I placed plastic wrap along the joint to protect the NTRAK module and create a seam. Next, I had to address the large gaps between the two modules. The scenery on the NTRAK module did not come to the edge and the two modules did not fit flush with each other. I glued pieces of cardboard on the corner module surface to bridge gaps between the two modules.

To finish the prep work, I added a piece of cardboad along the front of the module to form a contoured fascia between the small ridge and the edge of the NTRAK module. I then decided I did not want the entire surface flat. I found a few pieces of scrap styrofoam and carved them into small hills. I glued them between the tracks.

I filled in the entire module surface with Sculptamold and allowed it to dry before continuing. I barely had enough Sculptamold on hand to finish it.

I painted the surface with the same earth undercoat paint I used before.

I added ground foam and some foliage to the surface. I sprayed the area with the diluted glue mixture.

Next, I removed the plastic wrap. I ended up having to temporarily separate the two modules to totally remove the plastic wrap. After that, I blended the scenery on to the NTRAK module. I will update more of the NTRAK module's scenery on a later date. I cut and glued small pieces of roadbed material to fill in the gaps in the roadbed between the two modules. I applied ballast to the track in small sections. I use the mustard container seen in the picture to dispense the ballast. I glued the ballast in place and let it dry before continuing.

I ballasted the rest of the track. After that dried, I cleaned ballast off the rails. I ended up touching up some of the ballast and ground foam. I am thinking about adding a orchard to the front portion of this module in the future.

My next project is to start working on the brewery complex building foundations, roads, and sidewalks. I am going to hold off on updating the scenery on the NTRAK module until after I have added scenery to the brewery complex corner module that joins up with it.

• 06-27-10 Corner Module Scenery