12-04-10 Bridge Under The Tracks

The pedestrian bridge I planed to build went an entirely different direction.

Originally, I planed on building a bridge that would start between the mill and warehouse, cross the tracks, and end between the cellar and bottling plant. I was going to purchase a bridge that I could modify. I did not find anything I could use. I did not want to scratch build a bridge with so many steps. The bridge would have also blocked access to the track below. I decided to tunnel under instead.

I sketched out the front facing portal design first. I designed it in such a way that you could not see the stair steps. I only modeled what could be physically seen through the tunnel entrance. When viewed through the entrance the tunnel will look like it continues on. I transferred the sketch to a computer graphics program. This allowed me to print out two copies.

I temporarily attached the designs to pieces of cardboard.

I cut out the tunnel walls. I had to file some of the sides to get the two pieces to match.

I glued cardboard pieces to the walls forming the tunnel. The large opening is where the steps would be located. Since this area is not visible through the tunnel entrance, I left it opened. This opening will give me access to the interior when I paint it later.

I used a rotary tool to cut a hole in the plywood surface. The tunnel piece will sit in this hole.

I built up a support for the sidewalk and tunnel to rest on. I extended the sidewalk to where the tunnel entrance will be.

Next, I worked on the back tunnel piece. Since the entrance faces away from the front of the module, I did not have to model as much. I drew the design straight on the cardboard and cut out the pieces.

I glued the pieces together.

I built up supports for the sidewalk and tunnel piece.

I added the sidewalk that goes the tunnel. I painted the area under the tunnel location flat black just in case a photo is taken towards the tunnel entrance.

I placed the tunnel sections in their locations. I have not glued them in place yet. I will need to remove them when I paint them. Next, I need to start painting all the roads and foundations. I also need to build more tanks to place at the brew house.

• 12-04-10 Bridge Under The Tracks