10-28-10 Foundations and Roads Part 5

I added the foundation and roads around the brew house.

I previously sketched out where I wanted to place the foundation, road, dock, and sidewalks.

When I worked on the cellar dock, I had extended the dock over to the brew house to form part of the foundation. I finished out the foundation and then discovered it was not level. Somehow, I used different thicknesses of cardboard when I built up the foundation supports. I used a rotary tool to cut along the foundation between the two buildings. I removed the bad foundation.

I glued down foundation supports cut from the same piece of cardboard.

I attached the foundation surface. The foundation surface turned out better this time. I added vertical walls along the dock and foundation. I am planning on adding vertical tanks to the area right of the brew house.

Next, I worked on the road along the brew house. I glued down supports. The road slopes up towards the middle of the building location.

I glued down the cardboard the forms the road and parking lot. I attached the sidewalks along the parking lot.

I glued two more road surfaces to finish off this portion. Next, I will work on the road that will connect to the front of this module.

• 10-28-10 Foundations and Roads Part 5