04-17-10 The Warehouse Part 2

Over the last four months I have been working on the warehouse. Other things have come up that prevented me from working on the building as much as would have like.

I prayed gray primer on the structure. I then painted the trim the same tan color I used on previous buildings. I painted the brick surfaces with the same burgundy color I used before. I applied a gray wash to the bricks to simulate the mortar and a weathered appearance.

I spent quite a bit of time painting the windows. These windows were like the previous windows I had worked on before. The pains, frames, and mullions were molded together in the same transparent plastic. I had to paint the frames and mullions while trying not to get any paint on the pains. I painted the windows and doors brown. I painted the vents a dark gray color. I then glued all of these to the building.

Since this building had large windows, I decided to create an interior insert to add detail and block the direct view through the building. On the bottom level I only needed to block the view just past the windows on the front of the building. On the second floor I added walls with large openings to depict storage bays. On the third floor I added cardboard colored structures to represent stacked product.

I painted the roof panels black and glued them to the warehouse. I assembled two air conditioning units. I painted them gray and glued them to the roof.

I still need to add the roof vents to the building. I also plan on scratch building a dock and a dock cover for rear of the warehouse. I did not glue in the included dock bumpers because of this. The new dock will cover the openings under the doors.

• 04-17-10 The Warehouse Part 2