09-28-08 Rocks and Undercoat

Before I could apply a basic ground color, I decided to add some rock outcroppings

I randomly applied globs of Hydrocal to the large mountain ridge. I carved and picked away at the globs to form the rock texture. I painted them the same way I painted my other rocks.

Next, I needed to paint an undercoat on all exposed ground surfaces. This will show through any areas that do not have any ground coverings applied to them. I used Woodland Scenics Earth Undercoat paint for this. Using a small brush, I painted around areas that I did not want to get any paint on. Then, I used a larger brush to fill in the rest of the surfaces.

In the future, I need to add ground coverings like grass, weeds, bushes, and trees. I will also need to ballast the track in this section.

• 09-28-08 Rocks and Undercoat