08-10-08 Engine House

In order to continue doing scenery, I had to put together the engine house kit.

I purchased an engine house kit by Rix Products. Their kits contain modular pieces with lines pre cut half way into them. The instructions dictate what lines you need to cut to shorten walls, or add doors or windows.

First, I washed the parts as usual. Next, I cut the wall sections off their sprues. I cleaned up the edges and glued them together. Styrene strips were included to reinforce the joints of the wall sections. Four of the wall sections had to be trimmed to make them half as tall. I had to cut out three door openings. I used a nibbler tool that cuts out small square sections of plastic to male this part easier.

I painted them a lighter color blue. I removed the corner trim pieces and doors from the sprues and cleaned up the edges. I painted these white. I attached them to the walls. I them glued the walls together.

The roofs were a little more difficult to deal with. The upper roof contained eight roof panels that had to be trimmed in half. Four panels each were glued together with reinforcing styrene strips to form two roof sections. Five gutter pieces were attached to each of the roof sections. The two roof sections were glued together with four more pieces. The lower roof only used four roof panels, three reinforcing styrene pieces, and five gutter pieces. Both roofs were painted white and glued to the building. Next, I will need to build the foundations for the engine house.

• 08-10-08 Engine House