08-30-08 Ground Work

I constructed the rest of the ground around the engine house and the front of the module.

First, I decided I wanted a slight hill on the front of the module. I thought this would be more interesting that just flat ground. I cut the hill contour out of some cardboard. I glued it to the front of the module forming a fascia. I reinforce it by hot gluing some small strips of cardboard to it and the module. These will also support the front edge of the hill. I left extra space above these pieces to allow for the thickness of the Sculptamold.

I bent a flat piece of cardboard over the reinforcing cardboard pieces. I trimmed the opposite side to roughly march the track curvature. I hot glued the front edge of the cardboard to the fascia. I then hot glued the back and sides of the cardboard to the plywood surface. I had to cut a couple slots in the cardboard to allow it to form the shape. I sealed the cuts with some hot glue.

Before I could cover the surface, I had to protect the joint between the two modules. I applied tape to the edges of the yard module that touches this module. I applied Sculptamold to the open areas around the depot and engine house. I covered the hill.

After the Sculptamold had dried, I removed the tape from the module joint. I had to do a lot of cleanup after applying the Sculptamold. No matter how careful I am, some of it ends up where I donít want it. I had to scrape some off the tracks and concrete. I had to repaint some of the concrete after I messed it up removing the Sculptamold. Next, I will need to construct the small ridge on the opposite side of the cut.

• 08-30-08 Ground Work