12-19-09 The Warehouse Part 1

I have started to construct the warehouse for the brewery complex.

The warehouse is used to store and ship the beer. Three freight cars can be parked inside the warehouse for loading. There are also four docks for trucks to back up to. When I started building the complex, I had decided to use one of the structures from the Walther’s Superior Paper Company kit for the warehouse.

I started thinking the structure was not going to be big enough for the warehouse. I searched around for another kit that I could add to this structure to enlarge it, but did not find any that matched the design. I decided to temporarily put the walls together to see how it would look on the layout. I used masking tape to attach the walls together. After seeing it amongst the other buildings, I decided it would work. I did notice that there was not enough space for trucks to maneuver to back up to the dock doors. I will solve this by scratch building a covered dock that will allow the trucks to back up at a forty five degree angle to the back of the building.

As usual, I cleaned the mold release of the parts. I cleaned the excess plastic off the wall edges and started to glue the walls together.

I did not attach any doors or windows yet, so I could paint the structure, doors, and windows separately. When I get a warm enough day, I will spray gray primer on the structure. I then can paint the brick color on it. I will also start painting the doors and windows. Hopefully once I get by the holidays, I will have more time to work on this.

• 12-19-09 The Warehouse Part 1