01-24-09 The Cellar Part 1

After not having time to work on the layout due to the holidays and other projects, I finally had time to start work on the next building in the brewery complex. This building houses the tanks where the beer is aged.

I used Walther's American Hardware Supply kit for this building. I washed the mold release off the parts as usual.

This kit had some options on the sidewalls. I chose to put large freight doors towards the rear of the building. I used some extra wall sections that had a brick texture to brick in the freight doors on the rear wall. Freight cars cannot be parked behind this building because there is a turnout right behind it

I glued the walls together. Next, I will need to paint the walls, doors, and window frames. Paining the walls will be harder because I will be painting the bricks a different color from the rest of the building walls

• 01-24-09 The Cellar Part 1