09-06-09 The Bottling Plant Part 2

I have completed the bottling plant for the brewery complex for now.

I painted all of the window frames and doors brown. It took quite a while to get all of the window frame surfaces covered. After the paint dried, I used a hobby knife to remove the paint along the edges to provide a clean gluing surface. I glued them to the walls.

Next, I glued the walls together. I had to use the base piece this time due to the railroad dock area and a few warped walls. I glued the clear plastic over the back of the window frames.

With all of the windows, I needed some interior detail to show through. I cut out rectangular pieces of cardboard for the floors. I cut out the centers of the floor pieces leaving about a one inch perimeter. I placed a cardboard floor piece on top of the window frames of the first floor. I cut out random shapes out of cardboard and painted them silver. I glued them to the cardboard floor. I repeated this two more times going up.

Next, I glued the roof in place. I left the center building core empty, so I could apply the glue to the roof from the inside. I glued the root top building in place. Next, I used some black construction paper to cover the perimeter of the open core. This prevents the viewer from seeing through the center of the building. I added a smoke stack and an air conditioner to the roof.

I constructed both sets of stairs. I painted them a light gray first, then a wash of concrete. I painted the handrails a darker gray, and then glued them to the stairs. I glued both sets of stairs to the base.

This is the approximate placement of the bottling plant in the brewery complex. I will need to build a foundation once all the buildings are built. I will need to add pipes going to the cellar building.

Next, I need to start constructing the warehouse. I am going to use the other building from Walther’s Superior Paper Mill that I have left over. I am trying to figure out a way to make it larger.

• 09-06-09 The Bottling Plant Part 2