04-12-09 The Cellar Part 2

It took quite a while to paint this structure. The building structure had many surfaces to paint and I was painting it two different colors.

First I spray painted the building structure, window frames, and a few other pieces with an automotive gray primer. This provided a better surface for the final colors to stick to and reduced the number of coats I needed. Next, I painted support structure with the same tan color I used on previous buildings. I did not worry if this color got on the brick areas since it was the lighter color. I then, painted the brick areas with a burgundy color. The brick sections took much longer to paint. I had to be careful not to get any on the tan colored support structure. I still ended up having to so some touch up.

Besides the outside surfaces, I had to paint a few inside surfaces that form the ledge above the roof. This was trickier trying to get the brush to go where I wanted it and not bump it on the opposite wall. I also painted a couple wall sections that will be added later after the roof is installed.

Next, I needed to simulate the mortar and age the bricks. I mixed up a gray wash with a drop of detergent added to make it flow better. I painted only the brick areas with two coats of the wash. It flowed in to the grooves between the bricks forming the appearance of mortar. The wash remaining on the surface dulled the brick color.

I am still painting the window frames. Once the remaining items are painted, I will attach them to the building. I am also planning on adding some interior details to this building.

• 04-12-09 The Cellar Part 2