07-18-09 The Bottling Plant Part 1

I have been working on the next building in the brewery complex.

The bottling plant receives boxcars full of cans, bottles, and cardboard packaging. The plant sterilizes the cans and bottles, fills them, and packages them. I used the Walther’s Hardwood Furniture Company kit for this building. Part of this building overhangs the two boxcar siding.

I started by washing the mold release off the kit parts as usual. I sprayed gray primer on the parts since it worked out pretty good on the last kit. I cut the wall sections off the sprues. I glued together the small rooftop building then painted it tan. I decided this time to paint the rest of the walls before I glued them together. I had some difficulty painting some areas on the last building.

I am currently painting the window frames. Once they are done I will start assembling the building. I do not expect to diverge too much from the directions on this building. I will probably add an interior since this building is covered with windows like the last building

• 07-18-09 The Bottling Plant Part 1