11-03-12 More Trees

Work on the layout has been slow over the last few months. I did make a new batch of trees and planted them.

I constructed these trees almost in the same manor as the last ones. The only difference was, I waited to paint the trunks to after the foliage was attached. I planted tress on the ridge along front of the module.

I added more trees to the corner module. The front of the module is reserved for a future scene.

I added one tree to the yard module.

I have not decided what I will work on next. I still have to decide on an industry to place in the remaining spot. I have to add piping between the brewery complex buildings. I need to add signs to all the buildings. I need to add signage to the streets. I have to figure out what I am going to do for a backdrop.

• 11-03-12 More Trees