07-08-12 Building Trees

Over the last few months I have been slowly working on trees to plant on the layout.

First, I had to rehab the trees I removed from the original NTRAK module. I cleaned off the foam residue that was on the bottom of the tree trunks. Next, I sprayed the tree canopies with a dust dissolving spray to bring back their color.

While I had the opportunity, I decided to fix the shiny looking trunks. I first painted the visible trunks gray. Next, I painted them with varying washes of brown paint.

Next, I worked on some new trees to mix in with the old ones. I used the Woodland Scenics tree armatures like I had use on the original trees. They come out of the bag in a flat shape. I removed the tree from the sprue and randomly rotated the braches around.

I painted them the same way I painted the original trees.

The next phase was adding foliage to the trees. For about fifteen to twenty minutes I would apply Hob-e-Tac glue to branches of multiple trees. At the end of that time period, the first tree would be tacky enough to work with. I would roll the tree in one color of foliage and then poke it in to a styrofoam base for drying. Later, I sprayed each tree with hair spray to firm up the foliage. I had to repeat this process on some trees due to foliage falling off while drying.

Due to the shiny Hob-e=Tac and hair spray residue, I ended up having to repaint many of the tree trunks. I painted the visible trunks in the same manor as before. If I have to make more trees, I will not paint the trunks until after I add the foliage.

This should be plenty of trees to get me started. I do have one more bag of armatures on hand if I need more trees.

• 07-08-12 Building Trees