08-15-12 Tree Planting

I planted most of trees that I reconditioned or built.

I started planting trees around the brewery complex first. I picked some trees that were the same color. I wanted it to look like the brewery landscaper planted these trees. I hand drilled holes into the ground. I placed some glue in the hole and then added the tree. I placed some random trees next to the tunnel portal. I held off adding trees to the back of the corner module. They might get in the way when I add the final industry.

I added trees along the creek. I did not plan them as dense as they were before. I also added a couple trees further down the road.

I planted a few of the reconditioned trees along the back of the second corner module. I will have to make some more trees to add later. I am not going to plant trees along the front at this time. I want to add some kind of scene here. I added trees to the hill and the front of the end loop. I tried to decrease the tree height as I went up the hill to add some forced perspective. I have started making another batch of trees to plant in some remaining areas.

• 08-15-12 Tree Planting