01-21-12 Not So Shady Creek

I rehabbed the rest of the original NTRAK module.

I began by removing the rest of the trees. I will reuse them later.

I filled in the holes where the trees were planted with Sculptamold. After that dried, I painted the ground surface with undercoat.

I glued brown ground turf along the creek banks. I glued a couple shades of green turf in the remaining areas.

I removed the bridge so I could apply brown ground turf underneath.

While the bridge was off, I decided to rehab the creek. I added a new layer of gloss medium to make it glossy again.

I still need to come back and plant trees on entire layout. I have to decide what the last remaining industry is going to be. I need to decide what I am going to do for backdrops. But, since most of the messy groundwork is done on the layout, I am going to put my trains back on the track and start switching them again.

• 01-21-12 Not So Shady Creek