06-17-07 The Mill Part 2

After finding small bits of time here and there I was able to finish the mill.

In part 1, I glued and painted the walls that make up the main structure of the mill. Next, I worked on the windows. The windows were hard to work with. The window casings and panes were molded together in transparent plastic. The trick was painting the casings but not the panes, which were set slightly back. I used a rubber eraser as a stamp. I coated the end of it with a light coat of brown paint. I pressed this on to the window casings. If I was careful, I would not get paint on the window panes. It took several coats before the window casings were covered. I then cut the windows off the sprue and glued them in place.

I also painted the doors while they were still on the sprue. When they dried, I cut them off and glued them in place. It was tricky to reach some areas inside the building to place the windows and doors.

Next, I worked on the roofs. Since I spliced the two kits together, the middle roof area was larger than what came with the kits. I found something I could use as a roof in my odds and ends drawer that probably was meant for another kit that I kit bashed. It had eight small structures on it that could represent air conditioners or other equipment. I trimmed it to fit the location. I painted this and the other roofs from the kit flat black. I painted the eight small structures grey. I glued the roofs in place.

In part 1, I glued and painted the silos. Next, I glued walls and roofs together that make up the sheds that will sit on top of them. I used a pewter grey paint for them. Instead of using the windows that the kit specifies, I went a different direction. I found some ribbed plastic pieces in my odds and end drawer. I cut out pieces that would fit in the openings. I painted them black and stamped the surface with a silver color. I glued these grills in place. I attached the sheds on top of the silos.

I then moved on to the sheds that cover the hopper cars and truck unloading areas. The truck unloading shed was put together as directed by the instructions except it was placed in a different location. I used the same pewter grey paint. I did make some alterations on the sheds that cover the hopper car unloading area. Originally, I was going to put together two separate sheds and place them apart from each other along the building. Instead, I spliced the two sheds together. I had to trim both adjoining walls and roofs to fit it along the main building. I also cut away some plastic off the wall so it would not be totally enclosed.

The four dust collectors were hard to put together. The base that holds the collector comes in four pieces. These had to be cut from the sprue and cleaned up. One hard part was holding these small pieces together while gluing them. Every surface of the base had to be painted. Next, the two halves that form the collector was assembled. I had to file the joint to make it smoother. I added its cap and painted it. I then added the pipe that comes off the side of the collector. I had to file this joint smooth and repaint the area. I glued the bases to the roof first, and then added the collectors. Some filling on the bottom of the base was required to get the structure to fit properly.

i mounted the dust collectors on to the building. I added vents to the roof as specified in the instructions. I added piping coming off the shed roofs. There locations were altered since the shed locations were altered. I had to fill in some unused holes that were meant for the piping with putty. Once dried the putty was filed down smooth to match the surrounding surface and painted. In the future I may come back and add some more details like fire escapes and more roof details.

This is where this building will be located on the layout. I still need to build the foundation for it, but I will not know its exact location until I build more of the buildings in the brewery complex. I will also need to add piping and possibly catwalks between the buildings. Next, I will start building the brew house.

• 06-17-07 The Mill Part 2