05-27-07 Fully Operational

The PM42 circuit board by Digitrax that was backordered did eventually arrive. It took awhile before I was able to get around to install it.

This circuit board that I talked about in the electrical section allows me to devide the layout in to three circuit breaker protected blocks and one auto reversing block. To install it I had to take part of the layout apart. I flipped the module over that I had previously decided to mount the circuit board to. The wires for the four circuits originate from this location. I mounted the board between a couple pieces of wood that I glued underneath the module.

The board came with a detachable connector that the wires are soldered to. I soldered short segments of wire to the connector with it detached instead of working in tight quarters on the module. Each circuit was wired the same except for one slight difference for the auto reversing circuit. Twenty one wires were soldered to the connector. I plugged the connector on to the board and attached the loose wires to their matching wires on the module.

Next, I put the layout back together and powered it up. I plugged a Digitrax DT400 throttle directly into the board to program the settings for each circuit. I had to tell it what each circuit was and how sensitive it should be before it trips. Each of the three circuit breakers works properly when short circuits occur. I can smoothly drive an engine through the auto reversing block. I will have to test it for a while and see if it consistently works with the current settings.

• 05-27-07 Fully Operational