02-10-07 The Mill Part 1

The mill is the first building in the brewery complex. It will receive and process the grains needed for brewing beer.

I used two Walther's ADM grain elevator kits for this building. Original I was only purchased one kit, but later I decided the building was not going to be large enough. Of course when I decided I needed to buy another one, it was out of production. I was able to find another kit on eBay. By the time I started working on it, the kit was being produced again.

The first thing I did was to wash the mold release of all of the parts. I filled the sink with water and some dish soap. I soaked each sprue in it and rinsed it off. I laid them out on towels to let them dry.

I put the grain silos together first. I cut each part off the sprue with a sharp knife. I then removed excess plastic with a knife and file. I used a jig to help hold the pieces while I glued them together. I used a file to smooth out the joints after I attached the walls together. I then glued the roof on. Since I was using two kits, I had two of these to build.

Next, I constructed the main building. This is where it became complicated. I took the end wall of each building and rotated ninety degrees. In the picture, the middle wall section was the wall that was rotated. I used the jig to help glue the sections together. I used some extra plastic to reinforce the joints on either side of the middle section. The two building sections were spliced together.

I then painted the building and grain silows. I have chosen some colors that I will use through out the brewery complex. I chose a tan color for walls that are not brick. It took three coats of hand brushing to cover them. I do not own an airbrush.

To complete the mill, I need to install windows, doors, roofs, and dust collectors to the main building. I have to construct the sheds that sit on top of the silos and the unloading areas. This work will be covered in part 2.

• 02-10-07 The Mill Part 1