The Future

There is still more that I want to do with the layout. I would like to add more details to the buildings and surrounding areas. I also want to add building and street signs. I could use some more automobiles to fill the parking lots and streets. I have not put any people on the layout yet either. Eventually, I would like to add working building lights and streetlights.

I am planning on expanding the layout. I would like to increase its size and permit trains to run around the layout non-stop. I am thinking about creating end loop modules that would sit on either side of the layout. This would form a circular track layout. Right now, I can only run trains back and fourth. I can not turn them on and sit back to watch them run. I want to design the new modules so I can make use of all three tracks going across the main module. Currently only the front and rear tracks are available. I want to use the track behind the front track as a passing siding. This would give me a place to park one train while another one is running.

I have already thought of some ideas on what structures I want on these modules. I want to put a brewery on one of them. This industry would consist of several buildings fed by multi car sidings. I have already purchased some kits to use for this industry. On the other end loop or possibly a corner module I would like to model a portion of a Six Flags style theme park with a few working rides.

I will add the project information and pictures to the Expansion section as I work on it.

• The Future