More Industries

The yard took most of the space on the module. I did find room to fit two industries and a yard office. These were built form kits in the same manner as for the original module. Once again, I have not decided names for these industries.

The industry located at the front right side of the module is a shipping company. The siding at the rear of the building can hold four cars. This building came from another layout. It was built from the combination of two kits.

The industry located behind the shipping company is a printing company. The siding can fit three cars outside and one inside. This building was kit bashed from a Walther's kit. All of the walls in the kit were attached to form only the rear section of the building. There was no room to build the entire building.

Next door to the shipping company, I had room to fit in a team track. Companies not located near the railroad can use the team track to ship and receive freight. This siding can hold two cars. The pavement was built level with the doors of the boxcars. There is even a place for a trailer to back up to the dock for easy loading.

The opposite side of the module houses the yard office and a siding for parking engines. The yard office was built out of a station kit I received as a gift. I plan to add some more details to this area such as fuel tanks and debris.

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