05-05-13 Last Industry

I finally decided to build a factory in the last remaining location.

I was looking for a building model to kit bash, but could not find one I liked. I decided to scratch build it instead. I am planning to build it as a flat that will sit along the back of the corner module. Originally, I was going to set it on a hill, but that would have limited the number of freight cars I could spot at it.

First, I marked the building perimeter on the module. I decided to add an office area on the right side of the building that will angle out from the backdrop. On the left side, I pulled the dock area out a little from the back. Next, I placed risers containing measurement markings at key locations to help design the building. I photographed the location and imported it into a graphic design application.

I roughed in the shape of the building using the marked risers. I was able to try some different ideas. I settled on a six story office area, three story factory, and four story warehouse.

I added windows and doors to the image. I colored the image in and added a backdrop. Next, I will need to figure out how to build it and what styrene pieces I will need. I will also need to add the track siding.

• 05-05-13 Last Industry